Wedding Tips: Don’t Be Fooled by the Wedding Video Demo

Wed­ding sea­son is about to begin and brides are seri­ously look­ing and book­ing. When sam­pling the wares of the local video­g­ra­pher, watch out of the loaded demo.  What is the loaded demo? A loaded demo is a wed­ding video that is pro­duced for the sole pur­pose of entic­ing the bride and clos­ing the sale. Not that video­g­ra­phers shouldn’t show their best work, just make sure that the work you see rep­re­sents the qual­ity of video you can expect from your spe­cial day. If they spent 40 hours edit­ing the demo wed­ding, make sure that they intent to put a at least that much time into edit­ing yours.

What’s the best way to approach this? Ask to see 2 or 3 com­plete DVDs that the video­g­ra­pher pro­duced for clients.  If the video­g­ra­pher is rep­utable, they should have no prob­lem lend­ing you copies to take home so you can get a good look and make sure what they pro­duce is what you want for your wedding.

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